Rainer Maria Nero again presents himself in a very playful way on his new album. The young Viennese guitarist is without a doubt one of the biggest talents of his generation. Whether it`s flamenco or classic, Rainer M. Nero is always absolutely ever-assured in his sense of musical style, sensitive, highly virtuosic and one big sound esthete.
Univ.-Prof. Alexander Swete
Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien
Rainer María Nero has demonstrated in this new album (Conmover) a professional and artistic category of a very high level. His personality, technique and musicality are at the service of art. Congratulations on this job and I feel very proud of him.
Carlos Piñana
Flamenco guitarist
Rainer Maria Nero might be coy, but only when he has to speak on stage, as soon as he picks up his guitar and starts to play, there's no shyness left in sight. When he plays he's focused, sovereign and when he tilts his head back, immersed in his music, his fingers glide above the strings, precise and elegantly [...]
When Rainer Maria Nero presented his new album at the Theater am Spittelberg, the temperatures reminded of southern spain. Which fit perfectly since the young guitarist brought a piece of spain with him, disguised as beautiful music. For starters, to basically acclimatise there's Sevillanas. All of the songs are rmn. own compositions. Accompanied by the virtuous Christian Jelicic on the piano, Mateusz Górecki on the guitar and the catalan Carlos Ronda Mas on the Percussion [...]
The term guitarist would not be enough to describe Rainer Maria Zehetbauer. He is extremely dedicated to chamber music, the flamenco scene where he plays concerts with the flamenco guitarist Carlos Piñana on a regular basis and projects like the cooperation with “dance ability” in to which he puts vast amounts of his energy and passion. This diversity in his playing is what his colleagues and mentors such as Fabian Franco Ramirez, Jakub Niedoborek, Martin Kelner or Carlos Piñana appreciate the most [...]